a few of my favourite things

Now I've got a shiny new blog I thought I'd have a section for lovely things I've enjoyed, after all, it's good to share isn't it!

Here are some of my favourite things...


I find I can draw places I've never seen, but by the time I've finished of course they seem as though I've known them forever. The funny thing is, I can travel to a new place and then discover part of the scenery looks just like one of my pictures, life is full of delicious surprises if you keep your eyes open. I haven't yet come across anywhere quite like the picture I've included here, but who knows, it might be somewhere on our next journey!

Getting Outside

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we spent lots of time in the garden and plenty of work was done on the weeding and planting front. Not by me I hasten to add! Floss was the busy one, I was sat in the garden reading and soaking up the rays. Both front and back gardens look so much better now, even though we know there's more to do, already the results are lovely.

It has been an inspiration seeing some of the gardening accounts on Instagram especially when the 'before' is shown as well as the now.

These are a few of the accounts which have caught my eye.




Let me tell you...each of their gardens are just beautiful...go visit their Instagram pics and see for yourselves!


I discovered a new lip-liner recently, not having been a great fan of liners until now, I'm not sure exactly why it caught my attention but... it did. I bought the Collection Lip-Definer in shade 2 Cappuccino. The texture is good, the colour is great, sort of a strongish nude, which I find works well with a bit of gloss, and it's so good with a summer tan. Lovely to come upon a bargain which turns into a favourite.



I love a good podcast, and have found a fair few which have become favourites, especially for when I'm out walking, I aim to stack up ten thousand steps a day, and a podcast often helps.


I listened to episode 14 which is Laura Tremaine chatting with Jamie Golden about beauty and skincare, I have to admit I am not about to engage in a ten stage skincare regime as was mentioned (!) but I did check out some of the items listed and one of them was Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. It removes make-up well, smells gorgeous, and lasts ages, what's not to love?


Another episode I liked was episode 9 called Ten ways to journal and even if you're not convinced of the benefits you might receive through journalling, it'd be worth listening to just to see if anything sparks your imagination.

I won't go into all of the podcasts I enjoy, it would take too long, but I'll include some more when I do another post on my favourite things.

So my lovelies, I'll be back soon with something gorgeous...maybe a recipe, maybe a little something I've come across here or there, who knows? I hope you'll check back soon to find out...

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