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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

A little while ago I discovered my daughter-in-law had an ice-cream maker, so I did what any self respecting person who likes to make yummy food would do, I got her to help me find a machine which would serve my purposes...namely making delish ice-cream for my hubs. We did a search and swiftly came up with a well recommended I ordered it and waited...almost patiently!

I researched t'internet for keto ice-cream recipes and found plenty, but the first one I tried was unbelievably rich, far too much for our liking, so I decided to do my usual thing...I'd just do it by intuition until I found the best recipe for our tastes. It didn't take long. I discovered the taste Floss liked the best was lighter, more tangy, the main ingredient being greek yoghurt, rather than the hefty ingredients I'd found elsewhere.

I made several batches of various different flavours, and I'll probably post them here at some point, but for now this is the recipe I made this morning.

If you don't have an ice-cream maker I'm pretty sure this would work if you simply put it in the freezer and gave it a bit of a vigorous stir after about an hour or so, maybe repeating in another hour, then leaving it until it seems about right to you. Generally, even if it's made in a machine, it'll need a little while, maybe fifteen to thirty minutes to ripen from the freezer and to get to a nice texture.

I suppose I ought to warn you that I almost always cook by instinct, and measure by eye, so having to try to be precise is a bit of a challenge!

(It is probably the simplest recipe ever)

Also, any sort of ice-cream, whether keto or otherwise, is only intended for occasional treats, but you know that don't you...

Keto Chocolate and Whisky Ice-Cream

Three quarters of a 500g tub of greek yoghurt

Half a 300mls tub of double cream

Six tablespoons of sweetener, I used Sucralose

Six tablespoons of cocoa, sieve it if you want to save beating the lumps out of it when you mix the ingredients together!

Two shots of whisky (the alcohol prevents it being crystalline)

Whisk all the ingredients together well, no need for an electric whisk, a simple hand whisk will do.

Put in an ice-cream maker, mine takes about 40-50 minutes, then I put it in the freezer until I want to use it. (You could eat it straight after it being mixed in the machine, but it is quite soft.)

This quantity was a bit too much for my machine so I filled an espresso cup with the remainder, grated salted chocolate over the ice-cream, and popped it into the freezer until later.

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